Monday, June 6, 2011


On Saturday June 4th a group of artists met at Barbara Moore's home on WR Country Estate and learned something about what is happening internationally around sketchbooking, art journalling and visual diaries.

Barbara showed a slide show of the works by members of the international Urban Sketchers - see for yourself at where there are also lots of links to individual sketcher websites.

In particular, Barbara recommended the blog of WSSA member Cathy Gatland, who is one of only two approved African correspondents for the international urban sketcher organisation.

Cathy has been invited to present workshops at the international symposium in Lisbon next month.

The slide show opened eyes as artists realised how many people used sketchbooks in so many different ways to express anything from joy to deep sorrow, from excitement to boredom, and to plan their lives, discover new creative paths, and much more - not to forget simply having fun creatively as well as improving drawing skills!

After the slide show we had tea and drew and/or painted the first page of our new sketchbooks, using the iced cupcakes and tea things as our visual stimuli....having "owned" our subject, we then ate and drank them!

Barbara hopes to organise days or mornings where groups can go and sketch our surroundings, so watch this space!

Uplands Festival 2011

The Uplands Festival in 2011 was up to its usual high standard, with something for everyone.

The shows were excellent, and the Art Exhibition was even bigger - certainly more rooms were needed this year.

The exhibitors ranged from paintings in all media to sculpture, quilts, stained glass and beauty pottery, to photography.

It was a pity that the WSSA was not there in force, but we hope that in 2012 we will have members of the allied FSSA as well as WSSA exhibiting beautiful art.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Uplands Festival Exhibition 2010

The Uplands Festival 2010 was even better than last year - which was even better than the previous year, which was.....even better...
We had a smaller than usual presence this year, but it was very comfortable and manageable, and several paintings were sold.
The exhibition itself was most successful, and Uplands report sale of almost R250,000. Congratulations Uplands and all the exhibiting artists! That's great.
We would also like to thank Uplands for once again inviting us to participate. We enjoyed the Festival and loved participating.
The photo shows Colleen with two of her paintings.


Sunday, May 30, 2010


Welcome to the blog of the Lowveld Branch of the Watercolour Society of South Africa.

Your chairman is Colleen Dreyer - e-mail

Please contact Colleen should you need any information about the WSSA...especially becoming a member. In fact, there's a very good deal on right now! Here it is, for JUENE & JULY WORLD CUP TIME ONLY!

One year membership fee R250 (save R150)

FREE (value R300):
• Watercolour demonstration
• Beginner's workshop OR
Workshop on Photographing your Art

Regular Aquarelle newsletters

Access to Tuition & workshops

Interact with other artists

Enter juried exhibitions and earn Status

Regular exhibitions in watercolour and also in all media (at least two per annum)

Lots of benefits for artists at all levels

Contact Colleen or go direct to the WSSA website and simply follow the directions for joining up, including making a credit card payment on line. OR you may wish to deposit at your bank and send us confirmation.

Head office contact details:

Phone: 011 465-7934